Sweet Chooks 

Chicken Breast: Served with BBQ sauce (GF) £12.95 

Cajun Chicken: Served with Cajun Mayo £14.95

Cajun Chicken Deluxe: Cajun Chicken breast topped with Bacon and a Creamy Cheese Sauce £16.95

Southern Seafoods

Salmon (GF) £15.95

Swordfish Steak (GF) £14.94

Barramundi Fillet (GF) £16.95

Scampi £12.95

Seafood Platter: Breaded Scampi, Battered Cod Goujons and Prawn Cocktail £15.95

Fish Marinades: Moroccan or Cajun (Trace of Gluten) £2.00

Sydney Salads

8oz Sirloin Salad: For and additional charge you can have an alternative size and/or cut of steak (GF) £19.95

Ham and Pineapple Salad (GF) £9.95

Charlgrilled Chicken Salad (GF) £12.95

Cajun Chicken Salad £14.95

Prawn Salad with Marie Rose Sauce £11.95

Garden State Meals

Vegetable Lasagne: Served with Garlic Bread (V) £11.95

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni: Served with Garlic Bread (V) £11.95

Plant Based Burger 4oz £9.95 / 8oz £11.95

Plant Based Burger with Cheese 4oz £10.95 / 8oz £12.95

Stuffed Peppers: roasted peppers stuffed with tomato and herb rice (GF/Ve) £11.95

Stuffed Peppers: Roasted peppers stuffed with Mediterrranean style CousCous (Ve) £11.95

Mized Bean Chilli: Served with rice (Ve) £11.95