Kookaba Steaks

All steaks are approximate uncooked weights 

Sirloin (GF) 8oz £19.95 / 12oz £22.95 

Ribeye (GF) 10oz £21.95 / 20oz £31.95

Rump (GF) 12oz £19.95 / 24oz £29.95

Kangaroo 'Skippy' Fillet (GF) 8oz £18.95

Minted Lamb (Trace Of Glunten) 10oz £16.95

Steak Sauces: Peppercorn, Diane or Chasseur £2.95
Gluten Free option available 

Steak Marinades: Steakado or Cajun £2.00



Steak and Skippy (GF) £26.95

Steak and Ribs £26.95

Steak and Fish: Barramundi, Swordfish or Salmon (GF) £26.95

Steak and Chicken (GF) £26.95

Chicken and Ribs £25.95

Upgrade to Cajun Chicken for £1.00 extra



Surf 'n' Turf: 8oz Sirloin served with a Prawn Cocktail (GF) £23.95

Wagga Wagga: 12oz steakado sirloin served with breaded chilli and mango prawns £28.95

Outback Rack: Three 'Meaty' BBQ Belly Pork Ribs £19.95

Mixed Grill: 8oz Sirloin, one Belly Pork Rib, 8oz Gammon Steak and Onion Rings £32.95

Thick Cut Gammon: served with either egg or Pineapple 8oz £13.95 / 16oz £18.95

Add egg and pineapple to a 8oz Gammon for an extra £1.00 

All Meat has traceability and is supplied by Mark John, Master Butcher, Whitland.

All 'Steaks' are 8oz Sirloins but for an additional charge you can choose an alternative size and/or cut.