Bonzer burgers

Our Beef Burgers are chargrilled and served on a floured bun, with salad and fries or a jacket potato OR sweet potato fries, the latter are an extra £2.00

The old Reliable 

Original Beef Burger

The Boomer 

Layered with melted cheese

The Rippa

Topped with bacon and melted cheese 

The Sizzler

Topped With chilli von carne and melted cheese

The Goldie

Topped with pineapple and cheese

The Oz 

Try this one for size ... 3 x 6oz burgers, topped with cheese, pineapple, bacon and chilli con carne

6oz £6.96    12oz £8.95
6oz £7.95    12oz £9.95
6oz £8.95    12oz £10.95
6oz £8.95    12oz £10.95
6oz £8.95    12oz £10.95